RO0A8511_smvLet me paraphrase one popular Czech movie – I think that people watch sunrises too rarely. There are not many other nature events that would overcome a beautiful sunrise.

RO0A8511_smv Jiří Macháček říká ve známém filmu, že lidi prostě málo hulej. Já bych zase řekl, že lidi prostě málo koukají na východy slunce 🙂 Jen málo přírodních divadel dokáže překonat ten zážitek vychutnat si těch několik desítek minut při východu či západu slunce. Má to samozřejmě několik háčků, ale kdo chce ten si poradí.

During the last couple of days the weather was exceptional. I mean exceptional for a landscape photographer 🙂 The only issue was to get out of the bed soon enough to see this spectacular thing.


It is usually similar. 30-40 minutes before the sunrise is more than clear that something is going to happen. The sky in the east starts changing colors, in the west it is still dark.
Then at one point only very very small of the sun starts appearing. It is just a matter of seconds when the first ray appears. A photographer has two choices – either to start making pictures as much and as quickly as possible or just sit and stare.

Then it is really quick – the sun jumps up and everything around is lit by the golden color. It’s always similar but still un-repeatable. A man can really enjoy it.


I almost don’t photograph cities and architectures but the sunrise in Prague is really magic and worth of seeing.


At Sumava (Bohemian Forest) – our mountains, it is much more complicated. Fortunately, there is no tram station “Ostry” (name of the hill), so a photographer has to go on foot. Get up at 2:30 am, jump into the car and still in the dark slowly climb up to the hill with a heavy bag.


For me it’s really an awesome experience. Sunrise in the mountains is my favourite time.
Unfortunately, I’m not a poet, so can’t describe it…


Only the passion to set out and see another sunrise or sunset is still in me 🙂


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